Volksgarten parkrun #4

event 4 finish line

Zwanzig Personen nahmen diese Woche am parkrun Volksgarten teil: 1 Läufer war parkrun-Neulinge, 5 Läufer/innen waren zum erstem Mal bei uns dabei, und 7 Läufer/innen erreichten persönliche Bestzeiten. Es nahmen Mitglieder von 7 verschiedenen Vereinen teil.


Wie immer gab es einige bemerkenswerte Meilensteine und Besucher:

  • Jasenko BLAZEVIC hat seine 100. Veranstaltung zusammen mit seiner Familie erfolgreich abgeschlossen.
  • Jan WIEFELS ist nun der einzige Läufer, der an allen Veranstaltungen im Volksgarten teilgenommen hat.
Der Lauf wurde von 6 Freiwilligen ermöglicht:  Rebecca ROES  - H. THIER - Nora WILL - Birgit KRAFT - Claudia BÖHLER - Peter RUTHERFORD

Die heutigen Ergebnisse finden Sie auf der Ergebnisseite des parkrun Volksgarten (https://www.parkrun.com.de/volksgarten/results).


Persönlich gesehen war dies mein erster parkrun als Laufdirektor, und ich möchte mich bei allen freundlichen und unterstützenden Freiwilligen und Läufer/innen bedanken.

Mein parkrun-Leben begann mit Southampton parkrun (https://www.parkrun.org.uk/southampton/) im Mai 2016 und ich habe es seitdem nicht bereut. parkrun ist eine sehr inklusive Organisation und ich möchte meine Düsseldorfer Mitbürger ermutigen, sich als Läufer/innen und Freiwillige zu engagieren.
Bis nächsten Samstag!

Volksgarten parkrun #3

by Beth PIRIE

One of the first things I did when we considered Düsseldorf for a weekend away was to check out whether it had a parkrun.  Every week both at home and amongst my running friends, a common question is, ‘What parkrun are you doing this week?’  We are very fortunate that where we live, we have 5 within a 20-minute drive, each one is so very different with varying terrains and elevation.

parkrun tourism is becoming extremely popular, and there are plenty of locations to choose from with now 628 locations throughout the UK. So, I was pretty excited that for my 15thlocation, I would be doing an event abroad and in Germany where parkrun is growing quite nicely with 20 established course and many others being considered.

If you are new to parkrun, you will soon realise that whichever event you attend, you will be warmly welcomed and supported throughout the event.  Volksgarten parkrun was no different, with the volunteers being super friendly and encouraging on the very pretty, 2 lap course on this warm and sunny Saturday morning.

parkrun really is about inclusive, personal achievements and milestones, and this week’s event with 33 runners was a great example of this.


Tourists were not only from the UK this week, with 11 clubs being represented and a team from Georgengarten parkrun (Hannover) also running.  For 6 runners it was their first ever parkrun, congratulations!  Jan WIEFELS has now completed all 3 Volksgarten parkruns, running faster each time.

I felt very privileged to join the ‘100’ club in Düsseldorf and was in good company with 7 others who have previously achieved this milestone (a big thank you for my wonderful certificate which I will treasure as a very special memento).


Course records were set for both the men and ladies with Paul WAIN running the course in 17.53 and Milena TIEVES also achieving a personal best with 21.05.  An Age Grade course record was also set by Robin-Mark SCHOLS who recorded 77.89%.

On behalf of all runners, I would like to say a big thank you to the seven volunteers who made Saturday’s event happen:

Beth PIRIE • Rebecca ROES • Peter RUTHERFORD • Nora WILL • Lars SCHMIDT • Birgit KRAFT • Claudia BÖHLER

Full results and a complete event history can be found on https://www.parkrun.com.de/volksgarten/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=3

I have now clearly got the parkrun ‘tourism’ bug and my husband and I are already looking to see where else we can run.  However we are quite certain we will return to Volksgarten parkrun sometime soon as we just loved Düsseldorf.


Volksgarten parkrun #2

by Sarah Smith

I did not know, until last week, that David Bowie had recorded a German language version of his song “Heroes”.

parkrun has been organising free, weekly, timed events in the UK since 2004 and events are now held around the world. Everyone is welcome, whatever age or ability. I completed my first parkrun last year. I didn’t run the entire 5km course, I walked several sections. Almost a year on; I’m a little quicker, a little fitter and a 5km run at 9am on a Saturday morning is part of my routine.

Wanting a new challenge, my boyfriend and I decided to look for a European parkrun destination. We chose Düsseldorf and having never visited Germany before, thought I should learn some basic phrases. I must have got bored with “Mein Name ist Sarah”, which was probably when I found David Bowie. News of the Volksgarten parkrun, which was being held for the second week, must have spread, as we weren’t the only parkrun tourists that morning, with Peter from Belfast also on the start line.

Run Director for the event was Rebecca, who briefed us all at the start in both German and English. She warned us of the main hazard on the route that morning: overprotective geese looking after their goslings. I wondered if I might get lost in the park and have to rely on some of my language skills, but the course was clearly signposted and marshals were along the route to direct and give encouragement.  Everyone was friendly and welcoming which is something I’ve found common to all parkrun events.

So as David Bowie sang, “Dann sind wir Helden” (“We can be heroes”), as we celebrate the parkrun heroes:

  • The 15 heroes who ran, jogged and walked the course this week.
  • The 2 heroes who completed their first parkrun (Michael and Marcel).
  • The 9 heroes who completed the course for the first time.
  • The 3 heroes who recorded personal best times.
  • And finally, the 9 heroes who volunteered and made the event possible: Rebecca ROES • Peter RUTHERFORD • Sarah SMITH • Alex REISSE • H. THIER • Nora WILL • Lars SCHMIDT • Birgit KRAFT • Claudia BÖHLER

finishers volunteers event #2

I hope that the Volksgarten parkrun continues to be supported and that each week there are more heroes to celebrate.  #liebeparkrun

If you want to be a fabulous hero volunteer in the future then contact volksgartenhelfer@parkrun.com or search for Volksgarten parkrun on Facebook


Volksgarten parkrun #1

Twenty-one finishers enjoyed the launch of Volksgarten parkrun in Düsseldorf on 4 May 2019.  The event was made possible by 8 amazing volunteers:

Birgit KRAFT  •  Claudia BÖHLER  •  Dunja SELBACH  •  Karin HELLMANN  •  Katharina PLACKE  •  Nora WILL  •  Peter RUTHERFORD  •  Rebecca ROES

Full results are on the Volksgarten parkrun results page.

start line event #1

The female record was set by H THIER who recorded a time of 26:24.  The male record was set by Uwe ZIMMERMAN whose recorded time was 19:59.  The Age Grade course record was set by Oliver HARTMANN at 74.67% (20:04).

parkrun is a free weekly 5km walk, jog, run.  Open to all age grades and finishing times.  Powered exclusively by volunteers.  Register once and join any time! #liebeparkrun

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