Christmas Message

Hello parkrunners!

We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on an incredible last year and send you our very best for the Christmas season.

Neckarau parkrun has very quickly grown into something pretty special since our start on 2nd December 2017. We’re very proud of what we have achieved and very grateful for the support of the community in helping us to achieve the global parkrun goal of making the world a healthier and happier place. What has been most satisfying for us is to see the friendships that have been forged through our weekly event.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers over the last year that help to make each event possible. Whether you have volunteered once or regularly - we appreciate it very much. If you stood on the course cheering on the runners and walkers, if you had the courage to man the stop watch, scan the barcodes or hand out the tokens. If you got up early to help the RD set up the course safely or donned the orange vest to tail walk and clear up the course. If you led a warm up, entertained our runners, gave a run briefing, or baked a cake. THANK YOU. This is the spirit of parkrun and we honestly could not manage without your help.

We think it is actually through volunteering that you really take the parkrun concept into your heart, so if you have yet to become a high-vis-hero then we wholly recommend signing up in 2019. It doesn’t have to be regular - just once means that a member of our core team can enjoy a run day and experience parkrun as a ‘civilian’.

We would also especially like to thank our core team of run directors: Martin Kennedy, Martin Beck, Svenja Beck, David Jones and our occasional RD, Maja Hornig. Each week a lot happens behind the scenes to deliver a safe and fun event to you on Saturday mornings. Volunteer lists are managed, emails read and answered, conversations with parkrun HQ in the UK are held, and lots of messages are exchanged between the team. And lots of social media posts are scheduled. It doesn’t stop and start on Saturday morning for the core team. They volunteer their time all week and we want to share our appreciation of this incredible spirit with you all. THANK YOU.

On to plans for 2019. Our mission to grow the parkrun community in Mannheim continues - we want to encourage other sports and community clubs to participate as regular participants - as runners and volunteers - and enable occasional take-over events too. These are wonderful ways for clubs to find new members - parkrun has been recognised as a gateway into running clubs for people that might otherwise have felt intimated and we are happy to continue to support the wider community in this way. We also hope to be listed as the regular Saturday morning event in the city’s Sport im Park program after our successful event with them last year - your support in suggesting this to the sport department would be appreciated.

We are thinking of introducing pacers once a month for those that would like some extra help to improve their times at whatever level of walker, jogger or runner you are. We celebrate every achievement and milestone that matters to you and we hope this will provide an encouraging environment to help you reach a personal goal.

We will also help you to visit other parkruns in the form of a monthly ‘shout out’ on social media for anyone planning to tourist at another parkrun and so you can fill your car up with fellow participants. We think this is a lovely way for you to experience parkrun in another location, feel the fun of being a parkrun tourist, and helping to support our fellow parkrun events to grow around Germany. There are BIG plans for new events in 2019 so this will be a great opportunity!

We also know that many of our participants are signed up for some major running events next year - as always we will be supporting you as much as possible to lift your spirits during training and on event day too. We think the cheering at our finish line shows how much we all enjoy seeing each others success and that doesn’t just mean on Saturday mornings in the Waldpark.

That’s all from us. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for being part of the Neckarau parkrun family and making this a really special and supportive community.

David & Michelle

Event Directors, Neckarau parkrun


Coming up:

22nd Dec - 9am - Christmas Jumper Tag / Weihnachtspulli-Tag!

26th Dec ** 10am ** - Weihnachts-Spezial / Extra Christmas Event!

29th Dec - 9am - parkrun

5th Jan - 9am - parkrun