Hasenheide parkrun #92 – The One With the Records


So, Sunday was the 42nd Berlin Marathon - and we thought the 733 runners had turned out just for us. Well they had actually.

After the heavy rain the day before and the dicey weather forecast, it was just as well I wore my lucky socks. The sun shone right up until we started the packing away. Phew!


So, a new record was set as 733 ran, jogged or walked our course. Thanks to Grit’s inspired move to create a double funnel, Susan and Pauline could continue handing out tokens in Ruhe supported by Diane. Cornie made sure that runners left the funnel and found their way to our scanners who were standing in the field so that we didn’t get in each other’s way. Hila, Alison, Helen, Kazuko, Christian and Eleonóra did a great job scanning and were probably the most grateful that it didn’t rain as they were not under cover.

20190928-DSCF3354 20190928-DSCF3033

Jonas, Achim and Thorsten were calm as always timing everyone who crossed the line before Grit had the unenviable job of managing the funnel and keeping the runners in their finish order.

With 733 runners it was all hands on deck and after running and pacing respectively, Luke and Wis jumped in to help out. Luke spotted that the queue wasn’t for the scanners, but the selfie frame so he became an unofficial photographer of sorts to keep things moving.


Did I mention that we had 733 runners? Of those 580 were first timers and 32 PBs were set which was pretty impressive in a cramped field. Our visitors board filled up so we cleared it and started again! Runners came from all over the world and represented 240 different clubs. Our pacers did a great job so well done Britta, Carsten, Wis, Pawel (50th parkrun), Christoph, Dirk, Simon, Елена, Daniel, Johannes and Jonathan. Our course was expertly marshalled by Pauline, Abdul, Max, Maxie, Chris, Jacquie and David. Sonja made sure everyone made it back safely and Lutz supported the set up and finish. Thanks to Matthias for taking our photos today. More can be found here.

So what about Andy and Aljoscha? Well, having set up the course, organised the pacers, managed the funnel and a few other tweaks, they then spent hours, yes, hours processing and crosschecking results. We are all volunteers but our EDs (Andy & Grit) really are the unsung heroes.


Congratulations to our marathon participants: Aljoscha, Carsten, Christoph, Dorcas, Dorothee, Elvira, Ivo, Kazuko, Konstantin and Ulrike. A special mention to Andy for being part of the recordbreaking marathon relay team. He raced off down the Ku’damm and completed his km in 2:47. Quite simply outstanding.

Good news: if you can’t wait until next Saturday for another parkrun, you can come and join us on Thursday! To celebrate Tag der Deutschen Einheit, we are having our 93rd parkrun led by Johannes.

See you there,