Hasenheide parkrun #34 – Speedy Stag first across the line

A cooling in the temperatures made for a more pleasant morning in Hasenheide, although this was slightly offset by the smell of smoke in the air from the nearby forest fires. We had 107 people run, jog and walk the course, with 14 recording new Personal Bests. We also had some lovely cake, provided by Zara, one of our timekeeping volunteers this week - thank you so much Zara!

25th August 2018

Worthy of a special mention was our first finisher, Sam Upton (pictured here), who despite visiting Berlin for his own Stag Do this weekend managed to be first across the line with an outstanding time of 17:02. Well done Sam! It was also great to see Friederike, one of our locals, as the first female finisher.

As usual we were pleased to welcome lots of visitors from all around the world to write on our Visitor's Board:

25th August 2018

Full results are on the website/available at this direct link:


25th August 2018

The event would not have been possible without our 13 brilliant volunteers:

Andy  • Stefan  • Pippa • Mandy • Steve • Helen • Christoph

Monika • Jonas • Keira  • Zara  • Daphne  • Sabine 

We still need quite a few people to help out in the next couple of weeks – check out the Roster on our website and please get in touch at hasenheidehelfer@parkrun.com if you are able to help.


Till next Saturday,



parkrun #33 – “Yes, there’s a hill!” & “Warum startet ihr denn so pünktlich?”

Ein tolles Team haben wir bei uns in der Hasenheide! Mittlerweile ist es zu einer echten Größe herangewachsen, wo auf jeden Verlass ist und auch Neue sofort herzlich aufgenommen und einge„arbeitet“ werden. Leider verlassen uns dann auch alte Hasen immer wieder – wie dieses Mal: Kilian, der nur, um noch einmal parkrun Hasen-Athmospäre zu schnuppern in die Hasenheide kam, Lina als Streckenposten herzlich in „seine“ Position mit der dazugehörigen „richtigen“ Anfeuerung der Teilnehmer einwies und sich dann leise verabschiedete. Wir wünschen ihm von Herzen alles Gute in Paris!

Unsere Helfer-Helden, die parkrun erst ermöglichen waren am Samstag:
Andrew B. • James J. • Mandy W. • Steven B. • Kazuko Y. • Karin H. • Helen P. • Jonas K. • Aljoscha Marcel E. • Lina S. • Sabine T. • Mika S.

DANKE SCHÖN bestes Team für einen reibungslosen, fröhlichen und entspannten parkrun-Morgen!

Mittlerweile spricht sich parkrun in Berlin rum und wir konnten wieder neue Gesichter begrüßen. Das Lauf-briefing auf deutsch konnte doch ungefähr 20 Leute zählen, wobei diejenigen, die jetzt schon regelmäßig kommen, erst gar nicht dabei waren, sondern lieber direkt um 9 am Start sind und dann auch gleich durchstarten (müssen). „Wieso startet ihr denn so pünktlich?“

Einweisung für Erstläufer - German briefing
Foto deutsches Briefing

So hatten wir eine gute Teilnehmerzahl von 103 Gehern, Joggern und Läufern, dabei auch einige Familien, 63 Erst-Besucher, wovon bestimmt einige parkrun-Touristen waren, diesmal viele aus UK, sowie Irland UND auch echte deutsche parkrun-Touristen vom parkrun Kräherwald in Stuttgart. :-)
Auch gab es acht persönliche Bestzeiten! Applaus an unsere lokalen Teilnehmer und weiter so! ;-)

unsere Besuchertafel / visitor's board parkrun Hasenheide #33 - Begrüßung der Teilnehmer / briefing
unsere Besuchertafel / visitor's board   &    Begrüßung der Teilnehmer / briefing

parkrun in Berlin spricht sich rum – mach mit und teile Deine persönliche(n) parkrun-Geschichte(n) mit Deinen Freunden, der Familie, den Kollegen oder Nachbarn… wir freuen uns auf jeden Teilnehmer oder auch Helfer und unserer parkrun-Gemeinschaft! Und wir freuen uns auf und über jede Geschichte, Fotos oder Nachricht auf unserer FB-Seite (https://www.facebook.com/hasenheideparkrun/) oder in unserem email Postfach unter hasenheideteam@parkrun.com.

parkrun Hasenheide #33 - start

Bis zum nächsten Mal im Volkspark Hasenheide in Berlin Neukölln sende ich sonnige Grüße und freue mich auf ein „Wieder-“sehen!


PS: for our English speakers – there‘s a really nice blog story:
Thanks for sharing it with us Toria. :-)


Hasenheide parkrun #32: the one with the 1500th runner and plenty of records

The statistics for this week’s parkrun speak for themselves: our largest ever number of participants – 218! Many of which (149) were parkrun tourists in town for the European Championships or to escape the Australian winter by touring European cities.

Visitors Board 20180811_100405392_burst006

Hasenheide Parkrun 180811

However, my favourite statistic is that of the 23 PBs recorded this week, 21 of them were by our regular rabbits – local Hasenheide runners. By supporting us and participating regularly, your times are getting better and better – well done to Rita, Maxie, Sorcha, Dorcas, Daphne, Lars, Laura, Edgar, Olwen, Joerg, James, Kevin, Helene, Melissa, Maria, Tom, Carsten, Robbert, Daniel, William and David.

Hasenheide Parkrun 180811

Although the first male finisher today, Stuart, challenged our male record (16:15), it is still safe with Alexander’s 15:55 on 10th February. Perhaps it has to be really cold to make you run really fast! However, today’s very welcome 20⁰C, after a week that saw temperatures reach 39⁰C, might have helped create the Age Grade course record set today by Ros T from Dulwich Runners who recorded 93.19% with 23:30. John P from Holme Pierrepont RC was our 1500th runner. Congratulations to one and all.
Among our esteemed visitors today were the CEO of parkrun UK, parkrun UK and Ireland ambassadors and the running director from Milan. Kate Carter of The Guardian’s “How was your weekend running?” fame dropped in to experience “the only hill in Berlin”. Joshua (JM 11-14) visiting from Preston was proud to be taking part in his 101st parkrun today supported by his Mum. Just as he was reporting how jealous his Dad was that he was here, he got a phone call from his Dad to congratulate him! Sometimes the odd numbers are better than the round ones.

Hasenheide Parkrun 180811

None of this is possible without the unselfish support of an amazing team of volunteers. Thank you to everyone volunteering today: Achim, Aljoscha, Friederike, Grit, Helen, Jonas, Jonathan, Keira, Manuela, Monika, Sabine and Susan: you are the real stars of parkrun.
Wondering if yellow is your colour? Or perhaps you would prefer the orange of the tail walker/Schlussbegleiter? Make your own fashion statement by sacrificing one Saturday a month to volunteer rather than run. Have a great week everyone – and see you next Saturday!


Run report for the 31st Hasenheide parkrun

Greetings fellow parkrunners – here is the run report for the 4th August 2018.

Last Saturday we entered our 8th month since the initial Hasenheide parkrun and it was a total contrast from the bitter freezing January weather as the latest event saw us in the extremes of a heatwave.

Yes dear friends, a total of 86 participants joined us for our 31st parkrun and apart from those depths of winter weather it presented the most challenging of conditions to date.

Of the 86 participants, there were 38 first timers (in Berlin) and 13 people recorded personal best times!

Hasenheide Parkrun 180804

As usual, the majority of the participants were overseas visitors to Berlin and of those visitor, representatives of 17 clubs took part. Although many of you wrote on our visitor board, I have to confess that being caught up in impromptu birthday celebrations in the café afterwards, I forgot to make a note of the details – so unfortunately I am unable to mention any of you, however . . . you know who you are!

We are of course grateful to the dedicated volunteers who made this event possible and they are:

Jamie, James, Steven, Karin, Helen, Nisa, Johannes, Carolin, Jonas, Günther, Konstantin, Maxie and Maria.

Staying on the subject of the volunteers, they all did such a brilliant job, but I have to give a special mention to Johannes and Konstantin who set the course markers up in such stifling conditions – great effort! As with all parkruns, we constantly need you to come forward and fill the volunteer roster. Remember - without the volunteers, there can be no parkrun!

Hasenheide Parkrun 180804

Special mention from today`s parkrun? Well that has to go to Adam Scrimshaw from Gedling parkrun in Nottingham, England. Adam is 9 years old and has already completed 75 parkruns! So it was an honor for us that he chose to visit Hasenheide.


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hasenheide parkrun Results Page. The male record is held by Alexander Jakob DAUTEL who recorded a time of 15:55 on 10th February 2018 (event number 6). The female record is held by Alice MCGUSHIN who recorded a time of 18:52 on 7th April 2018 (event number 14). The Age Grade course record is held by Klaus GOLDAMMER who recorded 86.54% (19:34) on 16th June 2018 (event number 24).

Hasenheide parkrun started on 6th January 2018. Since then 1,344 participants have completed 2,439 parkruns covering a total distance of 12,195 km, including 405 new Personal Bests.

Finally I would like to thank the Hasenheide parkrun team and volunteers, together with those runners who joined us at the Café Blume, for making a special birthday celebration for me – I am truly grateful :-)


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